Monday, September 7, 2009

Lekas & Drivas 17 Roosevelt St. New York, NY

Many of the Kremastiotes and Lakonian immigrants coming to New York City list their destination as 17 Roosevelt Street. This was the site of Lekas & Drivas an import export business. According to "The Greek Community of New York City: Early Years to 1910" by Michael Contopoulos. "The firm Lekas & Drivas, established in 1892, became the foundation of a large food products enterprise. Its headquarters were situated at No. 17 Roosevelt Street." According to "Greeks in America.." by Thomas Burgess. "The first importing house to be established was that of Lekas & Drivas, at 17 Roosevelt Street, New York, the identical place where ten years before was started that little restaurant, the first rendezvous of the early immigrant." I'm interested in learning more about the early history of this business and its founders.